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keep_hope_alive on a Podcast about acoustics in cars

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I did a podcast with Everyday Audios talking about car audio, acoustics, deadening, absorption, MLV, and whatever else we felt like.





2014 Accord Sport build log:

My YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkYUo2EShW9lgtrfXiDvLNQ/videos

My 1966 MGB Restoration: http://www.mgexp.com/journal/keephopealive

A podcast interview with me: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2XoeNahvF3s&t=3095s2016caraudiologos (2).jpg



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    • By MyTrunkSlamz
      I literally just put over 30sq feet on my tahoe roof for 3 days later to be on my floor bundled up and now in the garbage can...what a ****ing waste of money, even on my doors its coming loose. This shit is garbage ill never buy from them ever again
    • By chetomatic
      Does anyone know the best way to put two 12" JL subs under a seat? I have an '00 Jeep Grand Cherokee and I have a feeling I'm going to have to make two custom fiberglass boxes...I've searched for custom boxes but they don't seem to exist. Also, if anyone else has any other ideas on how to accommodate two subs somewhere else than my trunk (I have 3 JLs back there) or under the back seat, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
      EDIT: I can also reverse it (put the three 8" subs under the seat and the 12s in the trunk) if that makes the process easier...
    • By muddin wolvy
      Hello all,
      I'm just now getting back into car audio and need some assistance in finding my ideal sub...
      1- 15" sub (1 only)
      2- respectable SPL from sealed fiberglass box.
      3- performs well with minimal airspace. (maybe 3ft^3?)
      4- handle anything below 2500 watt RMS. (closer to 2500 the better)
      I know I need more space and I know ported = godlike qualities, but I'm experimenting with fiberglass and the location I've chosen is relatively small.
      The amp I have is an Alphasonic PMA1200DA. Just bought it today (used) for $150. It works and I believe is the Craigslist deal of the year haha!
      Anyway, thanks in advance
      And try not to flame me too much...
    • By pilotdog68
      I am somewhat lazy and dont have access to many tools, so I went out and bought a cheap box made out of ~5/8 mdf. I didnt realize how important box strength is. Some people say you can strengthen the box by adding dowels, or by coating the inside with polyester resin. one guy said he painted the inside with wood glue. do any of these work or are they all bull? if they do work, do they do enough to be worth the cost/hassle? are there any other suggestions for a quick fix? its a 10" sealed .70cf box, will run a 300wrms sub.
      thanks for helping the newb here
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