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Recommendations for android mirror link head unit?

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I'm looking for some recommendations for a somewhat specific head unit. I use google maps on my phone ALOT and the screen on my phone has begun to "burn in" and in order to prevent future damage I am looking for a head unit that supports mirror link to android (galaxy s8 active). It must be a single din unit that flips upward due to the dash (2019 kenworth t-680 semi). The google maps app is used on my phone nearly 6 days a week for 12+ hours a day for the most part.


1- Single DIN unit

2- Motorized Flip UPWARDS

3- Auxiliary Input.


Now this is all new technology to me. From my understanding I can turn the phones screen completely off and continue to view, and interact with the app (google maps) through the radio touchscreen. If I am misunderstanding this tech and not able to turn my phone screen off then It won't help, and I will need to find another alternative. Price is my most important factor as I'm only wanting to prevent destroying the phone, and if the radio costs what the phone is worth then I again might as well continue to burn my phone screen.


I greatly appreciate all advice from everyone much!


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