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Weird ignition issue years after having sub installed in 2013 Hyundai Sonata

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Wondering if anyone has heard of something like the issue I have with my car. 2013 Hyundai Sonata GLS, stock radio. Had a sub/amp installed when I bought the car. 3 years later, pumping gas and get back into my car. Keys in hand, notice the engine is still running without a key in the ignition. I ignore the problem until it happens again a few months later. Take it to Hyundai and they say whoever installed the system didn't install it correctly (I would have no idea, newbie here). I'm having a more reputable shop install this like new in a few days. Just curious if anyone's seen something like this.

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I've heard of something like that before 

It's called bull shit 

2006 ridgeline hu:KW ddx9903s morel 5.25 maximo comps 6.5 maximo coaxial 2 Dayton ultimax 8s 1.65 @35 amp Rf t1000x5ab

work truck 2017 international pro star Alpine ute62 hu. Amps RF t1000.5ad 4 ch mode infinity k1000  sa 15 3.5 @ 30hz or 2 type s12 6.3 @ 41 hz  or jbl s3 2.0 36hz. or nvx  vcw 10 1.1 @ 32hz  2 8 " eminence pro woofers. 2" Dayton rs52fn midrange. 1 1/8 Dayton dc28f silk dome tweeters.

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