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Kick pods and 3 pedals

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Im looking for some input on people who drive a car with a real transmission that you have to shift yourself (lol) who also have kick pods, either off the shelf or custom made. I have a 2017 Mazda 3GT and am not quite convinced that the three ND25's, 3.5" Kicker R3c's and two SSMB8's im planning on will quite cover the spectrum im used with with a 6.5" component set. I drive a fair amount, no long trips usually, so mostly around town where my left foot is usually on or close to the clutch. Otherwise, i usually cross my legs and pull my feet up to the seat or flat foot with the knees bent when the cruise is actually on (hardly ever),so the need for a lot of dead pedal space could be nil. I say kick pods, cause the MB8's are going in the doors to replace the stock 9" Blose's. Since i can drive without the stock kick panels, i can pull them and make some f-glass ones while i wait for consistently warm weather.


Anywho, anyone who has the above requirements in their cars, would you mind posting pics and size of mids and other specs on the pods please?

Also, i think i found the forum for which to post the monster i have planned, which will be my first non-stock system in almost 17 years. If anyone is interested in the specs, ill spill them, otherwise ill wait for the build thread.

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