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2016 Buick Enclave upgrade to Factory Nav

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I bought a 2016 Enclave convenience model and want to buy a factory nav head unit and swap it. My question is do I need a Bose amp so that the system is loud enough with the new nav head unit and what is required to be programmed on this so it will work in my car? The unit I want to put in is a used unit from a 2016 Enclave so it should be plug-and-play other than programming it to work on my particular car. I guess what I need to know are what options do I have other than going to a dealer to get this done and does anyone know where to mount a GPS antenna which I'll have to add?


Banjoman in NC

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I would ask a dealer those questions, if not, then maybe 5 Star Car Audio, they can be found on FB, YT and IG and are pretty knowledgeable with factory systems.

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