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    • By Loganbowser
      I've had an ongoing problem where my amp will randomly start blinking the protect light consistently until I turn the car off then on. This causes the sub to turn on for one second and off for one second in a continuous loop. The speakers still produce continuous uninterrupted sound though. I have no idea what's wrong I've tried 3 different subs and they all produce the same outcome, it could be the amp, but sometimes I listen to music for an hour straight without it acting up. See video attached for clarification.

    • By NewbiePie
      So I bought used audi a3 1996 and it has a subwoofer that looks like it was installed by audi. The speaker is 6.5 inches and 2x3 ohms. So I don't really know what could do as a replacement speaker. Also there are 4 pins on the speaker so I don't really know how that works. 
      These are the pictures of the old sub: 

    • By Alex Jarrell
      So I'm looking into sound deadening my car but I have a couple concerns that I haven't seen addressed anywhere.
      Starting off, since one of the main goals of sound deadening is reducing road noise, I'm concerned about how well it will do this.  Do I need to be worried about being less able to hear other cars like ambulances, fire trucks, police cars, or even just people honking?  I can't imagine that just putting in dynamat will cut off all sound from the outside world but I'm worried about the effect of having it installed combined with having music playing.
      My second concern is about heat retention.  I live in the south and my car is solid black with a black interior.  I'm already aware that I should consider going with heat resistant deadening material so it doesn't come off in the heat.  If I add an extra layer of stuff in my doors and floor and whatnot, am I just going to make it easier for heat to get trapped in my car?  It's already approaching 95°F in the shade where I live and I have to park in direct sunlight at work so my car already gets dangerously hot and I'm not looking to make that any worse.
      Finally, will sound deadening my doors make it harder for me to install new speakers?  I'm thinking I'll probably want to put new speakers in my car at some point, but I've been told that sound deadening should be one of the first steps I take to improve my car's sound quality.  I've been looking online at a bunch of instructional videos and articles on how to install deadening material, and all of them look like they would get in the way of taking it and putting in speakers in the future.
    • By Dylan Woods
      to whoever reads this, I am extremely naive on car audio. I have a 2014 Dodge Avenger with a 600W Kicker Amp with 2 12” Kicker Subs. They recently stopped working going in and out only staying on for maybe 3 seconds. I took it to a garage and they said my amp wasn’t strong enough everything kept going into safety mode. I want to upgrade but I don’t want to get ripped off due to me being naive. I want to get 2 15” inch subs, a  compatible amplifier, and new tweeters. I’m not afraid to put down a decent amount of money I just don’t want to go over $2,000 for what I listed plus instillation. I got a rate for 2k for all of that stuff it would be tezla brand. I live in myrtle beach and during bike week I always hear cars with the deepest bass and loudest treble. I want to go deaf and I want to shake houses from a block away. I need suggestions on the best equipment to get 
    • By atvman153
      Hello car audiophiles, this is my first ever forum thread anywhere. I'm just wandering if I need to upgrade my alternator to a "high output", and if so, what amperage would I need. My setup currently is a 02 Buick LeSabre, with a 800cca battery from advance Auto, with a PSI platform 3 12 inch sub, dvc 2 ohm that pushes 3000w. The amp I'm trying to use is a soundstream 8000w.1d. the amp pushes 4000w rms at 1 ohm. I tried using my current wiring setup(4 guage and all stock electrical wiring) and when I did the amp kept blinking into protect mode and making a very loud distinct whine through the speakers. When I felt the amp, it was as hot as a firecracker, and so was the 4 guage power wire. Please help someone