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Replacing Factory Component Speakers

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I have a 19 Ram with the HK system. I've been replacing all of the factory speakers with infinity reference series maintaining the factory amp and ANC. The front doors use a 6x9 and 3.5" driver with a crossover point at about what seems 1300hz. (Tested via a frequency generator and my human hearing). 

The 3.5 door location is very limiting on aftermarket direct replacements do to vehicle specific constraints. I'm wondering if there is a simple solution to this by using infinity referenceI 6x9 components.  Given the 6x9 is not receiving a full range signal, I cant simply use that line for infinity xover...and the factory xover point at 1300 seems too low for the 3/4" Tweeter. 

Does anyone know if there is an easy way to sum signals from the factory wiring so that I can feed a full range signal to the infinity crossover?  I've spent a lot of time trying to find this answer...

It sure seems it can't be as easy as running both factory high and low wires to the 'input' terminals on the xovers....is it?  But maybe it is...

Any help would be greatly appreciated. 


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