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Obsidian audio d2 15"

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I've recently transitioned to a new vehicle.    This oa wont achieve the dual motor independant sealed sq build I am doing. 

Ik oa is discontinued.  Suspension soft parts etc are in great condition.  Believe it is a v2.   

Help me decide if I should hold onto it( discontinued)  or what I should let it go for.  I hate seeing it not used.  But I don't want to sell if the buyer will just clip it.     Screenshot_20181219-011523_Snapchat.thumb.jpg.668ed45d12aac2e70fd4f14a42b23364.jpg20181221_190528.thumb.jpg.1d4d961ef4150d7d2da46976cb26c226.jpgnmaghan@gmail.com-C.thumb.png.6a816654cdb0fc6f036a06fbe1243662.pngnmaghan@gmail.com-B.thumb.png.5a311956f9c2f013f1f77ca4bd77967d.png

Obsidian 15 D2 3.5 cubes 31hrtz

Apsm 1300

Alpine Type R 6.5 comps

Cadence 250.2

KnuKonceptz Kollossus Flex 4 awg


Distro Block

2/0 Big 3

ELD bypass in progress


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Put it up on your local craigslist for $150 obo and be happy to get $100 for it. I would include the box for free, its not going to add any value looking the way it does. 


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