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Dejan Blanuša

Subwoofer problem HELP!

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Hello! I know it is a long shoot, but I will try anyway...:) 

I have a car audio unit Alpine CD-E103BT. It is great, but I have one little problem. When I turn off subwoofer on that unit in subwoofer options menu, subwoofer works, but, when I turn it on, subwoofer doesn't work. Do You know what could be the problem? Sub is connected via amplifier to the head unit.



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I assume you are using RCA's from the headunit to the amp? Are you using the remote wire from the headunit to the amp?

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Hey mate, so it works sometimes and when you turn on, it does not work.

Sounds like a loose remote (blue) wire issue but could also be the amplifier.  I suggest you check the following:

  • when you turn your stereo on, check if the amplifier switches on as well, if it does not, then most likely a loose remote wire connection;
  • if your amp goes on and the sub does not play, then it could be a loose connection inside the subwoofer box / subwoofer connection; check that out too!
  • Lastly, If the problem still persists, then you may be required to check your connections behind your Alpine unit; including the remote (blue) turn on wire that goes to your amp;
  • If the issue still remains, then it could also be faulty RCA cable as well, use a multimeter for resistance;
  • use multimeter to check subwoofer wiring as well so it gives you a clean reading before you take subwoofer out;
  • also check RCA connections behind the Alpine head unit and the amp as well;

Its only a minor issue and hopefully you will rectify it soon mate!  Good luck and let us know if its resolved.

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