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Blue Max

Phoenix Gold M100 Competition Car Stereo complete

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Phoenix Gold M100 Competition Car Stereo complete

Collectible Phoenix Gold M100 1000W amplifier drives three JL Audio 10W6 Dual subwoofers. Denon MOSFET DCA600 400 Watt fan cooled Pro amp drives two Denon DCS692 6X9 speakers. Custom subox for 1976 FORD pickup. All functional, and it kicks. Phoenix Gold 24karat accessories. Competition stereo (Blue Max) made IASCA finals. Original value of components $4,300.




Blue Max (2000).jpg

Blue Max_Denon DCA600 pro amp.jpg

Blue Max_JL10W6 subwoofer (side).jpg





Blue Max_Phoenix Gold M100 (name).jpg

Blue Max_Phoenix GOld M100 amp.jpg


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