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Dark Audio Subs

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I gave a pair of Dark Audio NKO-12’s to my son about 2 years ago. He put them in a prefab Qbomb ported box and has been pounding on them with a Pioneer GM-D9601 ever since.

I am gathering equipment for a daily build in my 94 Sonoma extended cab. I will be running the same amp 1200@1 ohm. Is there any better, more reliable, musical sub for $100 each? I would run 2-10’s or 2-12’s. My front stage will be Anarchy 7”, Aurasound NS-3, and TBI HDSS tweets run off of 2 Pioneer GM-D8604’s, one bridged to the Anarchys. Will be using a Dayton 408 dsp, running active. Thanks for any suggestions!

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Sounds to me like u already know your answer. I've never heard the NKO's but I own 2 12" DKI's, and I don't believe you can buy a better sub for the money. It could even cost way more and I'd still buy it. I do love the cheap price though haha it's a steal. So I believe the NKO's would be the same since they're made by dark audio as well

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