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FS: Alpine iDA-X100

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FS: Alpine iDA-X100

I don't do much business in this forum but here are my references:


1. Product:

In title

2. Specs:


3. Description/Condition:  

Used in working condition but cosmetically worn. This was my test bench HU so it does show heavy signs of use. I have since switched over to using my smartphone for testing so no need for this. It does work as it should but the harness locking tab broke, wires are cut short (maybe 1.5-2" left), and is missing the usb extention cable, and original trim and cage...like I said, this was a test unit. You can still plug the usb stick directly into the back of the HU and it'll work that way. This unit isn't something that I'd put in my car. It's more for a garage.

4. Price: :

$45 shipped

5. Pictures:



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