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question about the balance of wattage between bass, mids and highs

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I am still in the very very early planning stages of my next car stereo install. I have always dreamed of having a bass heavy, big wattage system so my subwoofer is gonna kinda be my center piece. Right now im currently leaning towards a custom built 18 inch psi audio platform 4 sub woofer with the performance upgrade to 3500 watts. To power that I was leaning towards a Sundown Audio SAZ 3500 amp. So here comes my question...im gonna have most likely an excess of 3500 watts rms blasting outta the back of my car. As much as i love bass i love the mids and the highs as well. I guess my question is..is what should the balance be in terms of wattage between the bass in the back and the mids and highs in the front.  If I have 3500 watts of bass coming from the back, how many watts of mids and highs should i have up front. Im also fully open to peoples input in terms of what speakers i should be running up front to deliver the wattage from the mids and high. Would also be interested in any suggestions about my choice of subwoofer. Thanks

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What Car? Hatch or sealed off trunk vehicle or ripped out back seat with a fire in the cabin sub set up?? Depends really, and what you would consider enough power up front?Depends on install as well, direction of speakers, ect. I myself start with 100-150 up front with 3k on sub stage and tune within the same cabin shared space.

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2)American Bass VFL Mini Hybrid 4480.1D@1ohm Ea 4)American Bass XFL DVC 4ohm 12s@2.06cu Ft Ea.@32htz CDT 6,5 HD6 Briax.,CDT CL60,CDT 25 tweets,Kicker KS25 tweets Autotek Mean Machine 99@2ohms,Autotek BTX 7204@40hms AlterStarts Alt 255A/Dallas,Tx,2)Orileys Super Start AGM batts(1more coming)Cadence CCA 0ga on Big 6,AudioTechnix 0ga CCA Kicker Kq9 Eq,Eclipse CD3000(lookingfor upgrade)StingerPro Distro,3)XS Scorpian 8in Scroll Fans 1998 3dr Xcab Chevy(under construction,but operational)

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This might help, I have a Hyundai Tiburon (hatchback) with 2 12's in a large ported box aiming at the trunk on 3,000 rms. I got two 4 channel amps that are 400RMS total each with pro audio PRV speakers and I think it's fairly matched treble to bass ratio. Honestly on heavy bass songs, I wish the treble was louder sometimes but also at the same time I know loud treble is really bad for your ears so it's probably for the best

08 Tiburon

2 12" SSA Xcon's - RF T2500-1bdCP - 4.5 cubes @ 33 hz - XS Power D3100 - Singer 240amp alt


I make beats that slam, check them out and pm if you want to use some with your system


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