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Aurasound NSF8-495-8B 8" Shallow-Woofer

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Aurasound NSF8-495-8B 8" Shallow-Woofer

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Have a couple of neo aura shallow mount 8's. These have light usage. In perfect working order. 


Outside diamter: 209.4mm
Bolt circle diameter: 198mm
Cut-out diameter: 185mm
Mounting depth: 36mm
Overall height is 61mm.

T/S parameters
Fs: 41.6 Hz
DCR: 6.57 ohms
Qms: 5.09
Qes: 0.52
Qts: 0.47
BL: 12.6 T-M
Mms: 48.45 grams
Cms: 302 uM/N
Vas: 16.34 Liters
SPL: 86 dB
Sd: 196 sq. cm


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