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McIntosh MSS471 and JBL 2118H

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McIntosh MSS471 and JBL 2118H

McIntosh 6.5” 2-way passive comp set. Plastic piece that holds spade terminal on one woofer was broken in transit to me. Fixed with E6000, no problem. $225 shipped to lower 48

JBL 2118H 8” mids. Decent shape for their age. $75 shipped to lower 48

$280 shipped for both.

Would much rather trade for something interesting, like small subs, high end 3”-4” mids, multi-channel higher end amps, or whatever might catch my eye...


Traded with, bought from: Anthony O, Mitchell0715, kuda, Chevy Blazin', Babs, Captain Obvious, ciaonzo


'13 Camaro SS/RS

Kenwood DDX9903S - Arc PS-8

Arc Audio XDi 1200.6 - Audiofrog GB10, GB25, GB60

Helix SPXL1000 - (2) Audiofrog GB12D4 IB

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