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So after a 10 year absence I got a new 2018 Silverado in May and proceeded to add a Sub, well then I wanted speakers. Then I decided I wanted more & realized I was bit by the bug again. 

Current Build

- Audio Control LC2I

- Memphis  15-PRX275s Midrange

- NVX NSP65 

- Memphis SRX2.150 

- Sundown SD3 12" 1.25 cu/ft ported 32hz

- JBL GTR1001 


- Memphis 15-PRX275s

- Tang Band 25-2176

- SB Acoustics SB- 17NRX35

- NVX NSP65 (rears)

- Dayton Auduo DSP-408 

- Memphis SRX2.150 

- Skar LP-80.4ABV2 

- Sundown Sd3 12"

- JBL GTR1001

So yesterday I got started on the uninstalling of amps and wires, some sound dampening and a cutout of the amp rack.











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Been raining all day and its unbearably humid outside, I did however start planning the amp rack layout...

Unfortunately me being me, something that shouldn't be too difficult turns into a huge project. So I took some pictures (ok well a lot of pictures but I'll try to narrow them down) and I need some help picking how I should lay everything out. I'm thinking about function (easiest way to adjust amp settings, where wire will have to travel, etc) weight distribution (want board to be stable, dont want to worry about it not holding) and of course looks!

BTW- in a few of the pics theres some obvious empty spots & that's because I haven't yet decided whether I'm going to still use my Audio Control LC2i so I left a spot for it in some setups. Thanks guys.







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You might want to pack the cab corners with foam or denim since you cut the factory layer. Alot ov noise comes from those vents that are there

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I'll be watching this. Just picked up a 18 sierra... and I'm in the beginning stage of just want more bass for right now lol... 

Interested to see your sub box.

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