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How to replace 6X9 2 ohm subs

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Hello all, 
I have a 2005 Saab 9-5 with a 9 speaker system. The rear shelf speakers are badly deteriorated. They are pretty specific speakers. 6X9 2 ohm subwoofers. 2 X 22 watts. Since such a thing appears hard to find I was thinking about repairing them. They are paper cone. Is it possible to re-foam paper cones? Or re-cone the whole thing. I can't find a kit for either operations. 

Replacement also appears to be a tricky thing. 2 ohm 6X9 subwoofers with such a low power rating presents a challenge. What compromises would you suggest? Any special ways of wiring things that would help the situation (ex. parallell)? 

I'm not looking for competition sound or anything, but I'd like to buy speakers that most closely match my situation. 




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I went to a junk yard and found some replacements. They work, but they don't do much. They just have next to no power. I'd still like to replace them if anyone has any suggestions.

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You can just replace them with 4 ohm speakers, it won't harm anything and the factory amp will run cooler.   all else equal, a 4 ohm speaker will be a bit quieter at full volume than a 2 ohm speaker, but that difference will be slight.  If the new speakers are more efficient, than there may be no difference at all.

The mounting depth and opening is probably the biggest challenge.

The issue with 6x9 subwoofers is they have terrible efficiency (typically) meaning you'll get more bass output with less power running a standard coaxial 6x9 (even if the tweeter isn't used due to a LPF).


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