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stereo integrity mag d2 15" subwoofer (socal local pickup)

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Been sitting in my garage for about 9 years. Looking for $100 local pickup only. I drive between San Diego, OC, and IE regularly. Dual 2 ohms, was working as of when it was pulled from my car. No longer into car audio anymore. 



Headunit: Pioneer P880

Components: CDT CL-61A

Amp: US Acoustics USX2100

Sub: SI Mag 15" D2

Box: 4.0 cf @ 30hz

Amp: Viper D1200.1

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Did this sell?

Deck: Pioneer 6900UB

Highs: Pioneer TS-D1730C, Focal OEM Mids (Clarion NX-3410)

Sub Stage: None (Sony ES XM-6001GXD)

Bought From: ge_off_me, Boomsday, Chemmins, impactas, Sleazebagger, NoPh33rRaCiNg, fasfocus00, 50cents, flastrongman, pborcich, ace_800, GAMEOVERCCA, Ciaonzo

Sold To: Jamesmington, Juicee, Bunkrd you, Donnie Darko, ge_off_me, destined2race, todd131, Imjtnotu, mclerico83, aimology, Audiobahn, kpetree, Souldrop

Traded With: ge_off_me, Imtjnotu, 04lariat

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