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Pioneer avh4800bs camera issues

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I have an 07 Silverado NBS. Have the pioneer head unit in with a backup camera all the sudden the camera stopped working and then was working intermittently so when I bought a new camera hooked everything up worked for a few minutes, then the same problem.

The way I have it hooked up is the camera ground to the frame and the hot wire from the camera to the light green wire on the reverse. Video in to the head unit and the red hot lead to the purple and white striped wire. All seems to be correct. But I can't figure out what the issue is have the camera working intermittently.


Now I do have a pair Exhilarate backup lights hooked up where when I go into reverse they come on. They're hooked up by Hotwire to light green reverse and also ground to the chassis. Everything was fine until the past month when I started having this problem. I did notice when I was rewiring the camera to head unit the receiver was very very hot to the touch so I don't know if something is shorting out or what.


I did try disconnecting the camera completely from the hot and ground and the extra backup lights did not come on only the stock ones. Then I plugged the camera back in and disconnected the backup lights and still no picture on the camera.


Next why I had it in reverse I went back and forth from Drive to Park, to reverse back to drive then to reverse the camera came on. I shook the gear lever back and forth in the screen flickered and I got a picture.

So it's making me think it might be something with the reverse purple and white wire from the head unit not sending a good signal, or some type of short because like I said the radio was extremely hot to the touch when I had it out.


Someone did mention something about it could be a bad video input, but that seems tight. I just keep going back to the reverse purple and white wire.


I'm hoping somebody out there might have an answer to this crazy scenario so I get back up and running.


Thanks in advance

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