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Hi and thanks for the membership



The current setup in my 63 Ford Galaxie:


Only the rear RCA wiring is connecting the headunit and the Blaupunkt 4100 GTA amplifier in the trunk


And only the rear speaker connectors on the GTA 4100 are used for my Blaupunkt XL 200 speakers




A pioneer ts-w3003d4 https://www.pioneerelectronics.com/PUSA/Car/Subwoofers/Champion+Series+PRO/TS-W3003D4


is in my garage and a 53-litre slot vented subwoofer box is ordered, so its soon time to use this stuff


My plan is to use two Y-connectors to connect the two rear rca cables that go to the amplifier so the complete amlifier will act as rear speakers when fading


Will this work with this wiring:[ATTACH]26557698[/ATTACH]


The way this is done is that the subwoofer which have 4 rca connectors (2/8 ohm) uses the 4 front rca connectors on the amplifier. My knowledge about those ohm relations isnt strong, so i wondered if that setup will work?



Or will it only works with this wiring: [ATTACH]26557697[/ATTACH]


The last alternative will make it necessary to buy a 2-channel amplifier for the new subwoofer because the subwoofer isnt included in that setup

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