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Sundown X10 D2 V2 for 6.5 component set

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Hopefully I can find someone local.


I want some decent to good midbass. Will add cash if need be.


sub is about 1yr and 3 months old. Took me about 6 -8 months to find a builder. Total play time is about 6 months given the time it took to build box.


Lmk what you got and how old it is.




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I am so glad that you finally sold this, it was calling my name every time I logged in here.

2013 Cadillac SRX Performance package

Cadillac CUE Entertainment System

10 speaker Bose premium

Incriminator Audio IA20.1

Stereo Integrity HST12MKII


Bought from; mylows10 x5, double07 x6, ssteele x1, boxxcd x1, vecticus x1, 72impala x1, treesive x1, jaeguerra909 x1, pinoy2o9 x1, michaellane x1, trumpet x1, ricoshay x1, boomsday x1, mitchell0715 x1, Jeffdachef x1. Sold to; mrfoca x1, Treo 15 x2, Trades; AnthonyO x1, Shauncox26 x1, loudenuff x1

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    • By matt_bennett05
      Feeler ----- just to see if i get any interest in the thing. Pics w/ username & date will be up when i get off work!!!! I have an 08 model L5 Kicker motor/basket/gasket that i would love to see gone. (AND I WILL SEND FIRST (if you have refs) SINCE I HAVE NO REFS WHATSOEVER OTHER THAN A FEW LOCALS BUT HEY DO U KNOW THEM?????) I would like a nice set or two of RCA cables, 1/0 fuse or dist blocks; 2 way passive crossovers that can handle ~150rms per . BUT im open to ideas so if you may be interested let me know!
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      I want to trade my aq2200 or my alpine 9855 for a double din head unit or maybe a sundown 1500 or Rockford fosgate 1500cp.
      I can add cash if needed

      I may consider other trades for an amp that does 1500+ at .5 daily or 2 ohms or a alternator for a 2007 Kia spectra. I'd trade both even up for the alt new from dc or mechman.
      I have a couple sa8s coming this week too
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      Hi guys,
      Today I'm looking to trade my Pioneer 4 Channel amp for a mono amp. I'm not sure exactly what model it is (will find out later when I go out to my car lol) but basically I just want to trade straight up. The amp works fine. If you would like to get in contact with me quickest txt my cell 860-670-7503 or post on here. Thanks guys, show me what you've got!
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      Hello guys, I am looking for a bit of a smaller amp. something about 1200-1500 @ 1 plus cash on your end. im kinda crippled right now so make do with my ghetto note with username and date. offer up!
      Oh yeah, if you got a double din and an amp that i need, i have cash to add on also looking for some 6.5" comp kits, batterys, but just offer me what you got.

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      Just got this Solid Audio F15D like 2 weeks ago. Was unused prior to me installing it.Only been running it for a week at 2 ohms and I just got a new sub that needs way more power than this amp does at 2 ohms. Solid Audio F15D is rated for 1500 rms by 1 into 1 ohm, 1150 rms by 1 into 2 ohms, and 800 rms by 1 into 4 ohms. I have read several places that these are underrated but I have not been able to clamp it to confirm or deny that.Guts would suggest it at least easily does rated. See gut pics here: Solid Audio F15D - AmpGuts.com
      I would like to trade this amp and possibly cash for something that does a real 1500-2000 rms at 2 ohms. Also willing to sell it outright for 225 shipped in the lower 48 only. Here are a few pics of the amp. Best I could get as the amp is installed. I can pull it out and get better pics if needed if you are serious but this amp is about as fresh as the come. Please PM with any offers or questions. Thanks