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Finally a Blutooth speaker that doesnt **** @ss

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VERY flat response from this speaker and it also has a built in 5 band EQ to adjust to the listening environment too. Pretty fking loud as well. Dedicated pair of mid, tweets with actual crossover network and dedicated 6inch sub as well. I've heard jbl, bose, beats harmon kardon and they all sounded like pure garbage to me either a U shape curve or no bass and peaky upper mid. Not to mention its fking loud and doesnt distort at high volumes or have speaker breakup. You can also get two of them to link for stereo mode or dual mono. Aiwa Knocked the ball out of the park with this BT speaker. Only setback is, soundstage *****(its there though but extremely narrow) but i'm being overly nitpicky since 99% of bluetooth speakers dont have soundstage.


Had to use a non copyright audio track.




Picture of someone else taking the grills off

35268580_2077320108977189_1141773079471456256_n.pn  g?_nc_cat=0&oh=cf043c356076a7bcb3c0f3931eb47b33&oe=5BB192E7

09 Sienna Subs : Four Team Ascendant 18s......Sub amp: Two Taramps 15k

Headunit: Pioneer 80PRS......Mids/Highs two pioneer gm 8604 bridged, one at 4 ohms bridged one at 2 ohms bridged, one ppi 600.2 for tweets.

Front stage: Two PWX 10s per door midbass only....... PRV 6MR500 midrange....... Massive CT 2 german tweeters.

320 amp Singer alt....... 1 group 34 under the hood 6 group31 agms in the back 560 amp hours total.

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