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Front stage options

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Hey guys, so my system is slowly coming together. I have a DD M4 running 3 DC Audio L3 10's and now looking to decide on front stage setup, hoping to get a few opinions. My options are, i have 2 sets of old school Orion HCCA 6's or a set of A/D/S 246is that i can run with a pair of CDT qes-680 or 2 pairs of MB Quart Qm160?? Anyone have experience with any of these speakers as to which will sound the nicest while obviously would need to get loud to keep up with the bass? Up to now ive mainly ran dynaudio but trying something new

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my vote is the old school HCCA 6's even tho i love me some A/D/S/

2002 Honda Accord sedan V6 (automatic slushbox)

2 Rockford p3 12s (dual 2 ohm)

Pioneer AVH-2300NEX

2 PPI PC275's running 1 sub each atm, waiting to put the SQ 2200.1 back in and add the PhoenixGold Elite.4 once my electrical is up to snuff

Front stage:PRV Audio 6MB200 6.5 and Massive Audio CT2 tweeters

Rear speakers: stock

I just added 5 SoundQubed stickers, and despite having no equipment upgrades, it added 76 DB!!!

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