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JVC KD-X350BTS - Setup

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Hey guys. Upgraded my deck after 12+yrs of my Sony... bit of a learning curve figure out the settings, but 2 settings I can't seem to sort out or find in the manual.


1) I set it to display the clock. The little EQ was then replaced with the time, about 1 or 2 songs later I looked at the time, and it was gone and the EQ was back again. I checked and still says to show time... how do I get the time to display and stay displayed?


2) When playing MP3s, it displays the song name and underneath in smaller lettering the album. A majority of my collection is singles and no album info in the ID3 tag... any way to change what info is shown? I'd rather the song scrolling and underneath the band name, not album. Can that be changed?


Any chance someone has this or similar and knows where the settings are?


Only downside so far for this deck (apart from the android app being a bit of a let down) is that it doesn't seem to ignore "The" so when skipping through music files looking for something like The Offspring, it's under "T" not "O" which is a bit annoying.

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      I have 25 days to decide if I want to keep it or not. JVC gave generic "install problem, or not" answer. Found a review on amazon mentioning the same issue and that person had a decent amp. I don't want to have to go crazy with power just to get enough bass (which is just enough to over-whelm the highs coming from the HU built-in amp).
      I am thinking about trying a line booster for the sub out cable or trying a higher quality cable. I have a really long one on it right now but again why does it hit so hard on the rear out?