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2nd Gen Tundra (2010) Crewmax (NON JBL) Speaker Upgrade Questions

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First off, long time no see former and new members!


I inherited a 2010 Tundra and just sold my old 2000 Tundra this weekend, thus finally stripped out all my speakers and amps. I'm looking to put my old setup into this 2010, but I've been reading some strange things that Toyota did and am looking for suggestions.


First off I'm keeping the factory head unit so I'll be hooking into an Audiocontrol LC7i. From my understanding, Toyota used a proprietary speaker size that resembles a 6x9 in the front doors that requires aftermarket brackets to fit ANY 3rd party speaker. In my case I'm putting in 6.5" speakers. Do any of you Tundra people have suggestions for which brackets to get? I'm not worry about the rear speakers at the moment as I don't have an aftermarket set for them and will be leaving them factory or simply disconnecting them for now.


This truck also has the tweeters in the dash panel, which may require a bracket, if so what do you all recommend? Or would you all recommend just cutting a hole in the door panel and mounting my tweets there?


The 6.5" are the CDT ES-6iM accompanied with CDT TW125 tweeters. I'll also be putting in my 2 SA-12 subs in there so if anyone could point me in the direction of someone that could redesign a box (just a design plan) for me it'd be appreciated.

References: mylows10, michaellane, Tantricz, bradl79


Amp: RF R1200-1D and SoundQubed Q4-120.4

Speakers: 2 SA-12s in 4 Cubes @ 32 Hz with ES-6iM (Mids), TW-125 (Tweets), EX-530 (X-Over)

Electrical Singer 275 Amp (Clamped 284+ Amps), 0 Gauge SHCA OFC (Big 3), Mix of 4 Gauge CCA SHCA and Knu, Shitty G24 Lead Acid (RIP to my Deka)


Life has bent you over butt fucked you busted down your throat made you spit it back out onto cow shit and slurp it back up and swallow.

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You can get a factory tweeter mount for the front doors direct from Toyota for dirt cheap money

Head Unit: Pioneer Avic-5201NEX

Amplifiers: Orion XTR1000.4, Alphard DB-2000.1D

Front Speakers: Infinity Perfect 600 Components

Rear Speakers: Image Dynamics ID6.5

Subwoofers: 2 JL Audio 12TW3-D4

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Check this guy out. I purchased a set of his adapters for my '02 4runner. Worked like a charm. Also, if you take pics of your install build and email him your pics, he will reimburse you half the purchase cost since he will be putting those pics you sent him on his webpage.


PVC Speaker Adapters - CNC Machined - In Stock or Custom Made - for the 6.5" speakers


PVC Speaker Adapters - CNC Machined - In Stock or Custom Made - for the tweeter location

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Also here are some pics from customers that sent him pics of their install using the adapters to fit 6.5" speakers in their front doors. Pretty much same model as your Tundra, just not the same exact year.





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