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Need Help with JL Audio 300/4

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I took apart to clean and I slipped,dropping top plate and ripping out the 4 wires that run from board to status led's pulling wires off soldering point on small led board.


4 wires all a different color and led board has numbers 1-4 where the wires go.

I need to know what color goes to what number so I can fix.



08 ext cab z71

Hu pioneer avh-8500........prs80

Mechman 320 and a Gp 370 with dual alt bracket

northstar 34 and 480 with gp terminals for both

Ton of ofc 2/0 and smd fuse blocks

Soundqubed hdc4 12's

Soundqubed 6.5's two sets

crescendo concerto c1100.4

Sound digital evo 12k

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