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Advice on new sub

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Ok so i have just finished building a system in my little 87 extended cab s10 truck. Running a kenwood media player headunit, crappy kappa 6.5 components front and rear( these will be upgraded once I have my sub figured out and in), zapco st-4x p running those, then an alpine mrp-1200 that was running a jl audio 13W6.


Now most of this stuff I had in the closet from past vehicles or as I replaced/ upgraded over the years. I have been building the speaker pods on the doors and rear ex cab plastics, completely covering the interior cab with sound deadening, and building an amp rack/ box platform in the ex cab area for the past month or so. Today I finally got it all hooked up and got to listen to it. Sounded pretty good for about 2 hours of driving around town, running errands, beating the heck out of the system. Then the JL started to slap and now its blown. So I need some assistance and advice on a new sub.


I have room for one 12 (half the extended cab area), 1200 rms at 2 ohm, budget around the 500-600 range. I have enough room for 4 cubic ft, possibly more, I prefer ported boxes, I listen to a wide mix of music, mostly dubstep type stuff, but a bunch of pantera, slipknot, johnny cash, etc.


I have been looking at the Image Dynamics IDmax 12, DD 3500 series, another JL (but have had so many over the years I want to try something new), possibly another Sundown SA12 but i wasnt really happy with the last one i had. I really dont have a set brand I want, just good hard hitting, clear sub.


Thanks in advance for the suggestions.



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Any pics of your set up? I too own a s10 ext cab except a newer one, 1998. I'm running a single 8 in a t-line enclosure and takes up quite a lot of room.

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I'd first figure out why you blew your sub on so little power before jumping off to another that could very well blow prematurely too.

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