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What is the equivalent of PRS80 in double din ?

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I was looking at the NEX models compared to the 80PRS, and they seem like they are the closest. They dont have the 5V pre-outs, is that really so bad? I also noticed the 80PRS has some fancy name for their crossover network, I want to save David Brown, but thats probably not right. I would imagine in the the 8 or so years since the 80PRS has been out Pioneer would have something far superior in a carplay (NEX) format. Ive been trying to decide on a new deck and asked the same question about in the headunit general forum. I currently have a Pioneer FH-P8000BT and its decent, but the firmware is no longer supported and my newer iphone wont connect, 7 band EQ, and only HPF/LPF crossover. The preouts are 4V on my current setup, and Ive been really wanting 5V. It seems Pioneer doesnt feel the need to have them in their flagship models, so why should I care about a measly volt between friends?


You don’t need 5 volt pre outs, 4 volts is fine. What matters is the installation, routing of the RCA cables, and using decent quality cables from the HU to the amplifiers.


I had the Alpine 164 bt, single din HU and it’s an excellent sounding deck. I have the Pioneer 5800 BHS and Pioneer 1330 NIX and both sound excellent. I like the speed of the 1330 better but the overall functionality of the 5800 best.

2014 Sienna 2-way active SQ system. SB Acoustics SB29RDCN Tweeters. Focal PS165V mid woofers. Pioneer D9500F 75 watts RMS x 4. Pioneer BHS 5800 HU. AudioControl EQX. 10” Alpine SWS sub in custom ported box tuned to 35 hz on JBL GTX 500.

2014 F-150 XL WT 2-way active budget SQ system. Tang Band 25-302SH 1" tweeters. Stock Ford 6x8 mid woofers. Pioneer D8604. JBL Club 5501. JL Audio Twk 88 DSP & FIX 86. Sundown SD3 10” sub ported/ 33Hz 1 cube.

2014 CX5 2-way active SQ system. Pioneer 1330 NIX HU. Peerless NE25VTS-04 1" tweeters. NVX XSP65 mid woofers. Pioneer PRS D4200F 75 WPC x 4. Infinity K1000. JL Audio Twk 88 DSP. Sundown SA 12” 1.8 cube/33Hz.

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