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aux cord to stereo question

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so i have a infinity sound system in my 2004 mitsubishi outlander with stock mitsubishi motors radio and i dont care if i loss the radio stations but i wondering if i get a antenna cable to aux cord would that work through my radio like a aux

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Not gonna turn out well at all. Unless you like static and distortion


Just get a new head unit when you can buddy.


this is a good and cheap head unit, easy to install, all install accessories included.



09 Sienna Subs : Four Team Ascendant 18s......Sub amp: Two Taramps 15k

Headunit: Pioneer 80PRS......Mids/Highs two pioneer gm 8604 bridged, one at 4 ohms bridged one at 2 ohms bridged, one ppi 600.2 for tweets.

Front stage: Two PWX 10s per door midbass only....... PRV 6MR500 midrange....... Massive CT 2 german tweeters.

320 amp Singer alt....... 1 group 34 under the hood 6 group31 agms in the back 560 amp hours total.

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      ok so i have been running my 720 watt amp with 10 gauge wire and it was cutting on and off so today i went out and bought a new 6 gauge wire and installed it and now my radio doesn't work i didn't touch anything but the amp and battery when changing the wire but my radio doesn't work still i checked all the fuses and they are still good i can't even get my radio to turn on and the display doesn't light up does anyone know what the problem could be? it's just driving me nuts and thanks in advance
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      I did a a couple searches but didn't find something that seemed as specific as the problem I'm having.
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      Does anyone know of something else I should be doing? I'm not sure if it's the antenna, or the connection, or my head unit. The stock one was working just fine with the radio before I put the new one in.
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      Where should I ground the new stereo? (The old radio had a flat braided metal cord bolted to the back of the OEM stereo housing. I suspect this is the grounding cord, but don't want to just assume that.)
      Is there a site where can I get a free radio wiring diagram, specific to the '89 Caravan; or someone who can answer some other specific questions for me?

      I have the installation manual for the pioneer unit, and a generic wiring diagram for Dodge Caravans (from the 1984-1995 Haynes manual), but I have seen other wiring diagrams online specific to the '89 Caravan that have conflicting information.
      Please help!