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Anybody interested in renting SMD DD1 and/or CC1?

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Renting? For how long? How much? What you gonna use as colatteral?

97 4 dr. Tahoe

Interstate battery

Alpine 9835

Polk Audio MM6501 comps

Wolfram amps coming soon, 3000.1, 125.4

2 Sundown Audio X 15's Tuned @ 30Hz.

Knukonceptz/Royal Excelene wiring

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Dd1 is like $160

I've been meaning to buy one. Got to put that on this build list.

08 ext cab z71

Hu pioneer avh-8500........prs80

Mechman 320 and a Gp 370 with dual alt bracket

northstar 34 and 480 with gp terminals for both

Ton of ofc 2/0 and smd fuse blocks

Soundqubed hdc4 12's

Soundqubed 6.5's two sets

crescendo concerto c1100.4

Sound digital evo 12k

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I charge the locals $20 to tune their amps. $35 for two amps. Dd1 has paid itself off already.


Have you tried that approach yet

2005 Scion xB

Head Unit: 80PRS

Front Stage: Hertz HSK 165

Sub: Incriminator Audio Lethal Injection

Amps: DD C4c, DD M1c

Underhood: Js Ultimate 240a Alt, Diehard Platinum AGM


Why would I want a mono block, I'm running 2 subs...the 4 channel is bridged down to 2 chs


Bought from: The Silverman, Dmac1991

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