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Sundown Audio returns

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Over a week ago I sent back some speakers to sundown for warrenty. Will they send an email before they ship the new ones out? How long does it normally take once they receive the item?

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Shipping will probably take longer than the repairs


I've had some very quick turnarounds on items.


Two weeks ago I ordered an SA-8 recone. I believe the order was placed on a monday evening. The recone was at my door on thursday morning three business days later.

Granted, a little baby recone isn't hard to make but just saying, thats hella quick.

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Yeah I ordered a NSv3 15" recone and basket. Had it in 3 days.


You should get an Email with tracking info.

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too many freq at once, burn the coil, we all know, over 40-50hz, its all coilburning material.

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Well all depends really. Sometimes they're swamped with work and it slips their mind. Maybe you'll wake up one day, be on your way out the front door and low and behold a package at your doorstep. Yes I have read some people not getting an email/tracking info but their itme(s) show up. If you hear nothing, just send them a friendly email.

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Alright I guess I’ll have to wait and see haha, thanks for the input. I’ll try to post when they show up

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