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Tweeter Pod fabrication in a Grand Prix

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So, with trial and error, and trial, and error....and so on..


I finally got my sail panels all fabbed up for my Alpine Tweeters. I'm finally satisfied with the way they look as I wanted it to look clean, flush, and pretty stock looking. I used PVC pipe for the holes, then filled it in with Bondo/Resin and sanded it down and topped it off with some Plastidip. I really like the rubberized/matte finish too.


Here's what they looked like stock (random picture I pulled up online) Also, the pictures were taken at night with flash so the contrast is way too high, during daytime you can barely tell a difference in the pod/door panel color. I'll have to take some new ones tomorrow.




And after.......





Pioneer 80PRS


2 Way active front stage

Zapco ST-4XP 4 channel front amp

Alpine Pro Type X Tweeters

NVX XSP65 mids


Alpine MRX-M55 sub amp


2.25cf @ 30hz

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