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Ideas to fulfill my nerd fantasy

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Hi All,


I'm sure I'm not the only one here who at one point had a fantasy to have a car interior like that of the Batmobile, truck from Tango and Cash (obscure reference), Knight Rider, or any other fantasy vehicle with lots of lights, buttons, and switches.


I was hoping by my current age of 34, I would have lost interest, but it's still something I want to do. So, here's my project and I am inviting any recommendations out there.


Simply put, I want to add indicator lights, buttons, switches, etc... to my dash. Ideally, as far as the buttons are concerned, I'd like them to provide some level of function, even if I have to install some under dash lighting, or what not.


I would love to start my vehicle and have various lights flicker as if my "missle systems" are coming online for example. Or simply have a few added buttons here and there that like I said, could control additional lights, or even serve some other function.


I'm not seeking a how-to, just ideas for this dorky nerd project of mine - although feel free to suggest sources to obtain said lights, buttons, etc...Links to similar projects are welcome!


TL:DR - I want to add extra buttons, lights, and switches to my dash. What are some functional things (such as underdash lights) that I could install.


PS: 2000 Toyota Tacoma - the "retro" look is fine.

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