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Factory Sound Dampening

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I've got a 99 mustang that I'm planning on installing Second Skin throughout, however as I removed the trunk panels and carpet I noticed that the factory had already installed some dampening. My question to you guys is; is it worth the trouble of removing the factory dampening before installing the Second Skin stuff or should it be okay to just lay the Second Skin over the top of it?



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Lay around it. Doubling a layer is diminishing returns. And if it's like most factory stuff, it's not coming off

2014 Ford Fusion SE 2.0T


Zapco ST-4X SQ, ST-1000XMii

IDQ12v4 1.8cu sealed

Alpine SPX Pro ring radiators

Hertz HV165XL

Knuconceptz OFC, Custom fit Soundrive RCAs.

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Cool, thanks for the info. While I'm here I might as well ask another question. Is there any benefit to applying sound dampener to the inside of the doors or will it cause issues with the window mechanism?

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    • By donpisto
      1. Product:
      Second Skin Luxury Liner Pro
      2. Specs:
      Luxury Liner - Acoustic Noise Barrier and Insulation Barrier
      3. Description/Condition:
      Brand new never used
      4. Price: :
      $33 each sheet. Total of two. Buy both for $60. Price does not include shipping.
      5. Pictures:


    • By The_Grimy_One
      I need some sound deadener, only about 10 Sq Ft. (if that), preferably some Audio Technix, Damplifier/Pro, Dynamat, or Fatmat Mega Mat.
      Let me know what you got.
    • By Flex68
      ^^^^ Give me some!
      Not really asking about the best or cheapest brand (tho comments to that effect are fine, and your choice), but how much of what is really enuff?
      I got a quote from a guy who has a good rep and knows his stuff.
      Unfortunately, the quote he sent on dampening/deadening the beast in my sig kinda shocked me, $ wise.
      Made me wonder if there were reasonable corners I could cut and still get decent results....?
      (My truck is just a daily driver with an SQ-leaning system, I'm not planning to do any competitions, and he is a dealer, after all....)
      With that being noted, here's what was suggested for the '08 Dodge Ram quad cab:
      75 CLD Tiles
      1 roll Extruded Butyl Rope
      1 85.5 ft² roll MLV
      2 sheets 1/4" CCF
      6 sheets 1/8" CCF
      47.5 ft² 3M Thinsulate Acoustic
      2 Velcro Strips, adh. 2 sides, 10-pack
      1 Velcro Strips, adh. 2 sides, 2-pac
      1 32 oz can HH-66 Vinyl Contact Cement
      Do you think this is about as little as can be done, or are there things that can be dropped or redone as reasonable corner-cutting measures?
      Not trying to suggest that I want to buy a box of BandAids , cover the interior panels, and call that deadening....just wondering if other's experience might indicate the above is a bit much/overkill?
    • By rmckinney
      Looking to see if anybody knows of any group buys, discounts or has some they are looking to sell?
      Looking to buy 20+ ft^2 of quality sound deadener. Either second skin, dynamat, or stinger products preferred but let me know what you got. Thanks!
    • By chex96
      Hey guys just wondering if some one could tell me the difference between GP STFU and GTMAT quadro. They are both around the same price, just wondering which is overall thicker and what it contains more of, foam or butyl rubber. Also if i were to deaden my roof with one of these, what else would i need or is this all i would need?