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How much deadener do I need? Where do I measure? (Trunk)

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It's a 95 lincoln town car. Do I deaden the entire trunk and trunk lid? If not, where do I need to measure? On the right side where the blue jack handles are sticking out, those compartments go all the way into the rear fender over the top if the wheel well. Do I need to get all in there? What thickness?



HU: Pioneer avh2600bt touch double din

Front stage: stock

4 gauge kicker wire ofc

Sub amp: phoenix gold sx1200.1

Subs: two 15" kicker cvr

Custom enclosure: slot ported 8.11 cubes 34hz

Electrical: stock besides super start agm batt

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For the best results..Id do 100% coverage of trunk/entire trunk and lid,with exception of back wall/seat wall(just around edges).Any left over can be utilized for the doors if you ordered more than enough for just the trunk/lid.12"x12"=1sq ft

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