Welcome, boys and girls, to another installment of KHA's build log. I've done several, and over the past 20 years I have learned a lot.   Starting with a new platform. A 2014 Accord Sport.   System will consist of the factory head unit (BT with Pandora and vehicle integration) that will feed an Alpine CDA-9887. The Imprint kit will be used with the HU. An Audison LRx-5.1k will likely be the amp and will be ran active to the Hertz MLK-165 and a Hertz ML3000.   I will connect the factory HU output into a LOC with source equalization (like a JL Cleansweep or similar) and feed the 9887 AUX input.   The 9887 will act as a pre-amp in most situations. It will be interesting to see what I need to do to control noise.   The active noise cancelling mics (there are two) will be defeated using relays that also tie to the sub output. I want the ability to take advantage of noise cancelling when the music is low or off while driving clients and co-workers around.   Here are some pics of the car. I'm a huge fan of the cosmetics. I like the inside even more than the exterior.             I will pull the door panels soon to examine available space.   Step 1 will be to remove the interior panels and find a spot to hide the alarm system. A Viper 5706v is planned. Brain will not be under the dash in a standard location. I believe in security systems and hiding all components. You won't see pictures of this just as you didn't see pictures of the alarm in my 2001 Accord.   Step 2 will be to pull the door panels and build mounts for the Mille woofers. I need 3" for the Mille woofers. it will be tight. The tweeters will first be mounted using stock sail panel tweeter mounts from an EX sedan. $20 each.   Step 3 will be to build the mount for the 9887 in place of the silly pocket in the dash.   Step 4 will be to build the amp rack to mount the Audison LRx-5.1k. I have two locations planned, the preferred location is in place of the factory foam piece that holds the jack and spare tire accessories. I can build a mount that incorporates a hinged amp rack AND spare tire accessories.   Step 5 will be a sealed fiberglass enclosure in the trunk that holds the Mille sub. This enclosure will likely feature a locking quick release mount that will allow me to remove it for family trips. End result will be the ability to remove the sub enclosure and the trunk will be stock.   This will be built to compete in Stock class but maybe Modified if acoustical treatments push me into it.   I want T/A and independent level adjustment per channel and I want it adjustable from the dash. so it's either a processor or the plan above.   also, for competition, the 9887 is a CD source that is totally independent of the factory system. I can live with a reduction in SQ for daily listening but not critical listening.   another option is to add an optical output to the factory CD player and tie that into an optical input to a processor. but then I cannot use the volume control on the deck.