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Crescendo bc 2000 $250

SOLD TO: bravomaster22,st0n3r,tankdylan001,Glaciersoul, BKNIGHTS, ArabonRadar,Djsolo2k5


BOUGHT FROM:bizzy07,psychoacoustics, davidtemple, JoeK #guesswho?




all cut, cant find anything good like 7 or 8 years ago, you know the economy is bad when you can find good drugs

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pm with number


Powerbass xta2250 2250 @ 1ohm and .5 ohm stable


JBL GTO24001 2400 @ 2ohms



text me for faster response 3182105907

Hu: Pioneer 80prs and LG G7 tablet

Front Stage: 2 DS18 10" EXL Mids, 4 DS18 6.5" Pro Mids, Focal tweets

Rear Stage:

Sub Stage: 4 DS18 Hooligan 12" v1

Amps: 2 DS18 Fr9000.1 , 2 Powerbass asa3 800.2, Powerbass asa300.2

Box: Sleeper campershell blow through tuned to 32hz

Electrical: Big 4, triple alts, 7 deka group 31s, and tons of sky high 1/0 and 2/0

Feedback: http://www.caraudio.com/forums/itrader.php?u=1025177

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Get the xta amp


pioneer avhx 4800 dvd, ampere tfhe 9.0 and 150.4 with arc audio xxd 4080

4 d3100 and 3 deka 8a31 and d975 ,270 dc power and 320 amp singer alt

B2 ref mids,Cdt es6 mids cdt es 010 tweets x2 ,es 03 Mids x 2 mx1000 , sky high ,eb flex, and stinger hpm o gauge wires ,also 2 crossfire xsv2 18s in a 4th order no wall box



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