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Newbie with a scoobie

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Hey guys, hows it going?

A little about myself, my name is Javi, I live in Miami, and I am in the IT industry.


Well let me start off by saying that although I am new to this category of "car audio" enthusiast, I have quite the ear for music and have collected a very extensive audio collection which I am very proud of. I find it incredibly fascinating the effect that music has on people, whether you choose to believe it or not, we've all had a point in time that we reflect back to music. Our moods change to certain music, and vice versa.


I am here so I can further my knowledge in this field. I have been lucky enough to land on one of my dream cars, but unfortunately it comes with with a dire factory system. I need to fix this.


I own a 2012 Subaru Sti, sedan..

A little info into what Im looking at for now.

Right off the back, I need a sub box. I cant have something that takes up my whole trunk or anything in that size category due to work. Ive looked at a couple of things and have found a company named "Wicked CAS" that makes a "perfect fit" enclosure. Now this is more what Im looking for, although I feel that the price just isnt justifiable, $350. I feel I would be able to make something similar for much cheaper, I just unfortunately dont have much of the needed time.


Heres the link.

Wicked C.A.S.*::*MAGIC BOXES*::*Subaru*::*Subaru - 08+ IMPREZA SEDAN /WRX/Sti 1X10 / 1X12 Sub box Subwoofer enclosure


Subwoofer, Ive done a good amount of research and I think I have came to the conclusion of using a SoundQubed HDS312. I think this size and the quality from what Ive read at that pricepoint is great, that and well, it looks great c'mon..


Heres a link

SoundQubed HDS312


Amplifier, now here I have no idea which way to go. I undertand that subwoofer is rated at 1200 rms, but does that necessarily mean I need to go with a 1200watt amp? Im not too sure what specs I need the amp to be so I need some assistance with that, along with quality. I do need something small, and well I know this is a strange need, but black.


Im looking to upgrade the entire system but I need to start somewhere, and I think this is it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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I cant justify the price on that box either you can have one made off here professional for less... @Buck;
AQ is awesome although haven't had any experience with that new line.... but I expect great things from AQ
Id go with a aq 1200.... but no you don't need 1200 any thing above 800 real watts should be very nice!! good luck !!! its sounding like your headed in the right direction...

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$1,267.85 for that box from that company with all the bells & whistles lol. WOW


I have a AQ/SQ sub, they are nice. You could put together a nice little system much cheaper than that. JL wants $700.00 for the stealth box for my VW LOL yeah ok. 1 10 inch sub.

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