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My first Build need help picking setup for 1000W RMS sub for hard hitting bass

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I need some help with my first real car audio system. I was given some free stuff from my brother that I would like to use. I have two amps- one rockford fortgate T800.2 and T1000.1 bd. I also have a BLOWN Sledgehammer MTX 9515.44 from a loaded enclosure(MTX9515.D). MTX is 1000W RMS 15", replacement cost $800.


I have up to 5 cu. ft of space in my 71' olds. I can run 2-12's or one 15" or one 18" or whatever. I listen to mostly Rap music and want Hard Hitting Bass. It has 6 component speakers sounding crisp n clear and as loud as possible. I am looking at RE audio, DD, Fi Audio, SoundQubed,W7,am I heading towards the right direction? Some of the subs are rated 800W rms and 1200W rms, is that too low or high for my 1000W RMS amp?


Need help figuring out what to do? I am on information overload, need help from the experienced. $800 bucks for a replacement MTX sub or just buy all new? I have $1000 to spend.



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Get the mtx 9500 Reconed will be the cheapest..and it can be made into a monster also.. plus that motor is good for more then 1000 watts.

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you should take a 1 hour trip south down the 101 and let me show you a real sub .and amp for all that matters

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For 1000.00 and that much space available, we have some 15s and 18s that'll fill your need, laugh at 1k rms and not break your budget. I could sell you a 4k and 2 15s for your 1000.00 and you'd be grinning ear to ear for quite some time.

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Man I'm gonna get hated on for this but for 1000 dollars I'd get a single 13.5 inch W7 and pair it with that t1000 it would be perfect get a good box built for it I thought ny w7s were very 'hard' hitting idk why they just had something too them I havent enjoyed out of most subs I have owned (I've owned a ton) and the sq is AWESOME I'm not a fan boy but my experiences with them personally make me a fan (but I can't stand jl the compaby in all honesty)

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