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PM Sent


if he dont get them let me know. i live near austin and i might drive to to get them off your hands

Build inpregress....

Vehicle: 96 Honda Accord EX

Electrical: XS V3400 (front battery), XS 3100, Limitless 45ah, DC 270amp Alt

Front Stage: Deaf Bonce T35 Neo, Machete M25, Hannibal CS-H2W

Amp Stage Soon: 2X Wolfram 4500, Rockford 200/4

Sub Stage Soon: 4X 15" Wolfram AU D2

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if he dont get them let me know. i live near austin and i might drive to to get them off your hands


Bring him Round Rock donuts so he can share with me.

-Team Tantric Sounds-

-Team Ampere Audio-

Subs: 4 Tantric MD 15"s - 17sqft 34hz

Amp: Banda ICE 3500

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    • By brandonsballin
      I wanna know how to calculate this volume effecitently and accurately. Everything you see I’ve done myself! Everything is 2 layered 3/4 mdf so far. Back wall is also thinker than the 1 1/2. Because of 2x4 bracing. This car has every bit of 200$ in foam. Just to keep from splitting body panels. Thanks for all your help guys any advice info would be awesome I definitely should have been on here sooner but I can update photos and share progress through out the whole build. Plan is 2 zv5 18s on 1 Subdown 7500 or 2 saz 3,500 lmk what u think appreciate it!  Also looking for another saz 3500 if anyone knows where I can get one! I have one already. 
      Stay bassin ☝🏻

    • By TeamPSI
      Haven't been here in a bit, and figured I'd drop a few random shots of some of the latest subs we've been building/re-building here at the shop.
      Full pictorials with step-by-step build pics are at our forum, if you want to see them all. I'll just post finished pics in this post.
      Don't mean to spam the place up.... just know how we all love to see random subwoofer pron!
      If you have any questios, please ask. If not, enjoy the pics.

    • By gladiator_jai
      Hey guys,
      I did it. Thanks to 'bigaudiofanatic' from here and the umpteen people whose posts I have been reading for a couple of weeks. Thanks to Douglas Baker for his awesome blog and Bavarian Sound Works. Most importantly thanks to the quotes by local shops of $700+ for what I have done in $150, as that was my biggest motivation.
      Now moving to the pics:
      The ride: 02 BMW 540i with DSP.

      The Stuff:
      Subs - 2 x JBL GTi MKII 10"


      Amp - Sundown SAE-1000D

      Headunit - Stock
      Wiring - Kicker 4GA kit I pulled from my honda.
      Box - Sealed .75^3/Sub.
      The trunk with stock subwoofer enclosure:

      After I removed it:

      Stock DSP Amp:


    • By rtull32
      I have just got 2 Kenwood KFC-w3012 subs and am not sure what type of amp to get to push both of them...I do not want to spend a fortune on an amp seeing as I still need a box for them however I do not want some crappy amp that is going to burn up within the first month...any advice will be greatly appreciated thanks ahead of time
    • By umarot
      Name is Umar, I want to know i have a TC SOUND Dual 2ohm Voice coil tc3hp motor four layer three inch flat wound coil eclipse X 12 88120 basket one stiff spider and one soft spider half roll surround and a poly cone and it takes around 2000 watts, how good is this 12 inch sub, and should i only put this or go for another one in my car, as my objective is to get SQ with a bit of loudness yeah and i have it in ported box couz the kind of music i listen which Hindi music goes dead in sealed box. I also have apower acoustic amp which is putting around 2300 rms on 1 ohm to this sub.