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I just finished putting in my Kenwood, and now its time for another part of my build. I'm looking at RF 6x9 3-ways in the front doors, and RF 6-3/4's 2-ways in the back doors, all powered by a hifonics brutus (the 640w one).


I already have areas cut out for tweeters in the dash of my car, is it worth it to run a comp system? If i did would i just wanna run my tweeters directly off my hu?

2001 Jeep GC Limited

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You could spend as little as $200 or up to $400 and get 6x9 components for the front. The tweeters should be run through passive crossovers that come with the set. I have matching speakers for the back.

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If you put triaxials in the front doors you won't need tweeters in the dash. If you want to use the tweeter location then find a 6X9 component set like trumpet suggested.



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Rear Fill: Boston SE953 6X9's

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Get the components The sound quality is much better than the 2-3 ways. Better bass response to


pioneer avhx 4800 dvd, ampere tfhe 9.0 and 150.4 with arc audio xxd 4080

4 d3100 and 3 deka 8a31 and d975 ,270 dc power and 320 amp singer alt

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