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Before I even get started with this build I just want to give big thanks to Jeremy (AKA FLDataTeK) for helping me out with my build.


Anyway since GetDown and Reel keeps on calling me CB might as well make it my build log's name.


My Vehicle: Toyota Corolla LE 2009 1.8l






Let's all get started with my previous system that I just took out.

It was pretty good, but wasn't for me.


JL Audio 500/1 Slash - (2) 12w3v2 in a JL Audio H.O Box

JL Audio 300/4 - C2 650 and C2 690tx

Pioneer 6500bt


So out with the old, in with the new.. yada yada..



Okay then here comes the good part.

Let's start off with some electrical.


Front Battery: XS Power D2400




Alternator: Singer 310A




Wires: Sky High Car Audio 2/0 OFC (Garden Hose According to Jeremy)




Here it is after I've installed them and the "big 3" with Jeremy and his crimpers.




The only problem that I do have -well kind of- is that I need a better buss bar than this for my alternator. (So I need to get a better one soon).




I also bought a "got decaf?" sticker from Decaf for support and the stickers add deebbeezzzzz!




Grommets are bulky enough for me to use as a club just incase somebody wants to mess with me.

I have 2 runs of 2/0 inside the car to the trunk.

I must say for a couple of amateurs we didn't do that bad at all.


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Going into the trunk:








Pretty clean. We're impressed ourselves on how it turned out.


Now let's go into the head unit.

My choice is Pioneer 80prs.






Heat shrunk some wires together with some extra heat shrinks for clean wiring.






It's in looking purdddyyyyy:




Volt meter, can't forget about that. I'm going to have 2 volt meters 1 front battery. The second the back bank.


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Jeremy and I (well mostly him lol) made a wedge panel to mount the volt meters on to give it a OEM look.


Now my amp of choice:

Big thanks to Jason for selling me his DC 5k.:grin:








I still have a lot more to do.

I'm almost done, but not there yet.

More to come later on:


Battery bank, better buss bars, a subwoofer box, an amp rack, upgraded mids and highs... wheels.. etc.


My subwoofer of choice will probably be Tantric HDD 12s


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i first saw post then your pic. for a second i thought you were doingthe real chris browns build, ha. im curious where you got those groments for wire? is tgat what people use when doing a ground thats directly to the frame. or is that a firewall groment? are they the same thing?

Sold To: Goodear and ATC_DJ

Bought From: Dtrom and f1mclarenagr


Build about to go down in my new 2006 Honda Crv

Head Unit: pioneer deh 80prs, Front stage: Hertz HSK Components, Rear: Hertz dsk comps , Sub Stage: Tantric HD 10s, Sub Amp: AudioQue 3500.1, Highs Amp: AudioQue 120.4

Electrical Consists of a Singer 200 amp alt, a Shuriken BT 80, two Crescendo Group 31s and lots of Execution Audio 1/0 Gauge.

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with such nice work done it's a shame that a full ground is not used rather than relying the unibody frame

4x 12" HDC3's

1x Hifonics Maxximus (rated 10,000@1ohm)

2x Powermaster D3100

8x runs of 0 gauge

1x stock alt


155.2 dB legal (vehicle off and @50Hz) in a Ford exploder

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Maybe you should wait until I'm progressing through the build and see..

I only had 50feet of wire used.

As you can see from the picture where we ran the wires, there's a circle made for a ground.


I got the grommets from Electdirect I think.

It's a firewall grommet.


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I bet its gonna hit!








Bad joke? hahah



Looks good man.

2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited

Mach 5 ixl 18.4

7 cubes tuned to 34hz

Hifonics Brutus 2k

Knu Wires

Why?? You still haven't learned to eat my balls in the WTEMB section.

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Haha thanks man!

Naming it "Chris Brown" was also because it will beat the shxt out of my car.


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Not much of an update- just moved in California and still got a lot of packing and enrolling to college then I'll get a job and continue my build log

Although I purchased a decal from a guy named Carbon in another forum got this today and it's pretty funny also high quality. You guys should hit him up in facebook. Good service, fast reply, and also the shipping is pretty fast.






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