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2007 Saturn Aura xe WIRING HELP!!

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Short Backstory: allowed my brother to install a sub system. He jacked up the wiring believe he split into the wrong remote wire behind the stereo. so you had to disconnect the subs at the amp or theyd kill the battery.

The wife decided to have another guy "fix" it. Ended up with a three wires under the driver seat that had to be twisted together If you wanted the tail lights (plus some other cabin lights like the door handels ect) and subs to be powered and work.


I have tried cutting the blue radio wire behind the stereo and the spliced wire behind the rear stereo console. Nothing is working and Im getting sick of having to flick a "gheto rigged" switch to turn on tail lights.


Im positive if I were able to revert the wiring to factory Id be able to do the install my self. so just any help is much appreciated

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WOW... sounds like a fkn MESS :wow: If any plugs or connectors were cut off or removed, then I would go to a junkyard and find some from a donor car if you don't have them. Wire everything back up to stock, get the proper harness / interface(s) / etc. and wire everything up the RIGHT WAY with the remote turn on lead from your HU connected to the remote wire ran for your amp


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I dont know what connectors were possibly cut or what wires without the schematics allowing me to visually inspect the entire line.


noweach time I mess with the connectors It messes up something else, my alarm keeps going off, driver door locks wont lock, other odds and ends. I realy need help here.

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Does this help at all?


2007 Saturn Aura Stereo Wiring Information


Radio Battery Constant 12v+ Wire: White/Yellow

Radio Accessory Switched 12v+ Wire: White/Red

Radio Ground Wire: Black

Radio Illumination Wire: Red/Black

Stereo Dimmer Wire: Red

Stereo Antenna Trigger Wire: Yellow/White

Stereo Amp Trigger Wire: Yellow/White

Left Front Speaker Positive Wire (+): White

Left Front Speaker Negative Wire (-): Orange

Right Front Speaker Positive Wire (+): Yellow

Right Front Speaker Negative Wire (-): Brown

Left Rear Speaker Positive Wire (+): Red

Left Rear Speaker Negative Wire (-): Green

Right Rear Speaker Positive Wire (+): Blue

Right Rear Speaker Negative Wire (-): Black

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I found the issue The previous installer did a crap sodder job and didnt reconnect the power to the tail lights behind the rear console.

I undid all his and just splicing into the pink wire from the amp. I now Im curious why the factory amp isnt plugged into the preamp output slot behind the head unit?


Still having an issue with the alarm and the locks.

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