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Opinions on front component speakers at 100RMS under $200?

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Planning on running a 100W X 4-channel amp through component speakers in the front and Alpine SPR-69s in the rear deck. I welcome suggestions on possible 100RMS component speaker choices under $200.

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Image dynamics CTX'S, sundown SA CS6.5's, rockfords T2 line with the new silk tweets. All good and under $200

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MS-62C is no longer available for under $200 for NIB sets from authorized sources. The original source of the $180 special got their hands slapped for not following the MAP policy.

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On their own, the watt ratings of speakers mean pretty much nothing. Ignore.

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    • By TheSeeker
      Hi, I am restoring a 77 vw bus and the interior is completely stripped and I am doing the new interior custom with a friend of mine. I really appreciate high quality audio and would like a new system that is cost-effective. I would like a head unit, 2 speakers up front, 2 speakers in the back, and a subwoofer, plus all the necessary amplifiers. There are so many choices its hard to make a decision. For the head unit I want something with a usb hookup in the back, a cd player, aux input, hd radio, and a remote control. I would like to spend around $500 on this if that is reasonable. If i can get some thing much better for say $150 more, i am looking for optimum cost/quality ratio so if that fits ill go for it.
      I would really appreciate any advice since ive never done this before.
    • By rocky12345
      I have 2 pioneer ts-e6995 800w speakers that I want to put in my car. I cannot afford any amps right now. My radio is a Kenwood - 50W x 4 MOSFET found here...
      Kenwood - 50W x 4 MOSFET Apple® iPod®-Ready In-Dash CD Deck - KDC-MP345U 1.
      1. Can I run these speakers on the radio without amps.
      2. Are there any dangers in doing this - like my radio getting fried.
      3 What is the minimum wattage amps would you recommend for this setup. (I intend to put 2 small speakers in my front doors at a later date)
    • By shrapnel
      OK, I'm looking to upgrade speakers, get rid of the OLD Sony Xplodes and possible factory in-door. (I have Pioneer TS-A698's just sitting in the openings of the rear deck for improvement from the Xplodes that were there.) The biggest aggravation I've had so far in my own research has been a few so-called "reviews" posted up on various places on the net and no reviews at all available for some of these speakers. They weren't reviews, just a regurgitation of the manufacturer's promo & specifications. What a PITA.
      First, the specs:

      '02 Kia Spectra Sedan (it gets me around)
      Kenwood KDC-X994 H.U.
      Front doors: 6-3/4", 2.8" deep max?
      Rear Deck: 6"x8", 6" deep max.

      Additional info:

      Budget: up to $75/pair MAXimum ($150 total), prefer closer to $50/pr. (or less)
      Rear Deck: I have to stick with 6"x8"s unless I really can get better bass performance using an adapter for round speakers.
      Good bass repro on their own, as I don't wish to add subs and I don't need to shake the car apart.
      Will be driven from the HU, so no separate amps.
      Not interested in components, subs, or amps at this time, especially since I'm not interested in reproducing the experience of concert front row in front of the speakers sound levels.
      Music preferences include: Rock (classic, southern, alternative, etc), Metal (mostly old-school but some modern), and Oldies (wife). Rap/hip-hop maybe on occasion. Loud is good, but not like standing in front of the speakers at a concert.
      According to Crutchfield, the doors have an unusual bolt pattern.
      Also according to Crutchfied, the diameter of the magnet is limited to 2.883" in the rear deck.

      I'm not sure I put that much stock in the magnet size thing, and I am willing to make extra holes in the speaker mounting area if need be for the doors . I also admit this is a small budget, but via the Internet it isn't impossible.
      Looking at:

      Clarion (Front: SRQ1631R; Back: SRQ6831C)
      Hifonics Zeus series (Front: ZXi-63; Back: ZXi-683)
      Kenwood (Front: KFC-C1739IE or KFC-1682IE; Back: KFC-C6882IE)
      Rockford Fosgate Prime series (Front: R1653; Back: R1682 or T1682C)
      Other options (brand, model) within my budget and preferences that may be a better choice?

      EDIT: removed references for 6"x9" speakers (and added one more reference for a 6"x8") as they will not fit without metal-work and made emphasis on some qualifications.
    • By DJ1086
      I would like to go into car audio as a profession. What would be the best way of doing that? I have thought about schools and getting a job at a car audio store. Which is better/smarter?