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Head unit is going bad... time for a new one, but which one?

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Alright guys so currently I have a Pioneer AVIC F900bt, and its been nothing but problems from day one and is a little outdated. The outputs are bad, the navigation is slow and troublesome, the touch screen is a pain, the AUX input doesnt work, steering wheel controls wont work, it takes 30 seconds to power up, etc.


My current set up is: AVIC F900BT, Alpine SPR-60C up front, with JBL GTO628 in the rear powered by an MB Quart ONX4.125, with an RE Audio SE-X12D4 powered by a Kenwood 8105D.


I'm looking to get a new double-din headunit but I'm on a bit of a budget.

My budget is: $300.


I want a touchscreen, adjustable EQ settings, and to be able to plug in my ipod/iphone.

I don't care for CD/DVD/NAV/Sirius/Bluetooth, ETC.


I've been looking at the Pioneer AppRadio since it's only $150 now, but I've only been hearing bad things.


Let me know your suggestions!


Thanks, Michael.

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      I am looking at buying a couple of rearview headrest DVD monitors for my car. Obviously these can connect to one another to play the same movie but is there a way to connect them to my head unit so I can play a movie from my head unit to the rearview monitors? I would also want to play movies from my micro SD card and USB from my head unit to the rearview monitors. Thanks.
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      My list of gear as follows
      1x Boss mono block amp 2500w (old setup)
                  -twin pioneer champs Dvc 1200w 12"
      1x pioneer 4ch amp 1000w (60rms x4ch)
                   - 2x pioneer 6.5 260w (60w                                                 rms)component
                   - 2x pioneer 260w 6" (60w rms) coaxial
      Head deck : pioneer fxh755 bt (2 RCA out)
      Just wanted to know the best way to get the audio to the amps,
      1 RCA per amp?
      I've never delt with  4ch is just having 1 RCA going to give me full control or full quality on my 4ch. If I got 2 RCA splitters would that achieve anything useful?   
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      My current setup is 2 kicker s12d solo barics (old school) and a memphis pr2.100 amp. The amp was an upgrade from my old MTX Thunder 325. 
      Ever since i swapped amps I had a minor issue where the amp wasn’t getting properly powered on and I could usually get the big blue light and power light to come on by hitting the amp (gently) or moving the fuses up and down. 
      Recently, the amp has been acting strange and it will not power on at all. I can get the big blue memphis logo to light up a little by wiggling fuses, but it eventually shuts off and the amp itself never fully powers on. 
      Today I changed my ground wire to a nice thick copper wire with a copper terminal. I also readjusted my remote wire to ensure all of my connections were perfect. It worked for about 35 minutes and then cut out, and now I can’t even get the amp to turn on for a few seconds. And yes, I checked the fuse under the hood. 
      Anyone have a clue what could be the problem? It’s an older system, but hasn’t been abused and worked fine for at least 4 months before this happened. I really would like to avoid buying another amp because I am currently buying a new headunit and some jeep mods. 
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      I’ve been looking for an Apple car play receiver/unit for my 2009 Nissian Pathfinder. I entered my car make and model on crutchfield electronics website, but it says there are no receivers that are compatible with my vehicle; which is just hard to believe since it looks like it could take a standard double dimm sized receiver.
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