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problems with hu and system

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i spent all of yesterday connecting wires from my head unit (boss 620ua),and my 400w audiobahn, 2 12" cvr's to my 1999 chevy astro. after i get everything connected i go to play some music to see if it all works, my front left and rear left speakers were the only ones working and there was no power to my subs, so i pull the dash apart again and redo the wiring to the opposite speakers and no sound comes out at all now. i am half tempted to bring my vehicle to a car audio shop, and have them do it.


thanks for all of your time in advance

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    • By Jake_omg
      I recently bought a brand new unit with 4 brand new pioneer speakers,I have the head unit installed,and I'm getting sound to my rear speakers,but not to the 2 in the dash or the 2 in the door panels. I've tried switching the wires,because either side of the doors are different colors,one side is blue and orange,the other is green and pink. The old speakers worked perfectly before I set this up so I know the wiring isn't the problem. I'm not sure what else to do, help would be nice thanks.
    • By heydes
      i drive a 2000 nissan maxima with B.o.s.e (buy other stereo equipment)factory system installed. about six months ago i replaced my bose head unit with a clarion cz500. everything worked fine up until i decided to install a different head unit( pioneer 980-bt ) i remove the harness to wire it with my new hu then when i put it in the car and i turn it up..... no sound but subs in the back ground...i attempted to install my clarion back in still no sound from the speakers with the clarion either. i checked my radio and speaker fuses they are ok. and checked my harness adapter. the speakers connect via rcas on the adapter so i know everything was connected. any ideas about what happen?? plz plz help!!!!!!!!!!! riding with just bass is ok but gets old really quick.
    • By the chef
      So I had been using this Sony head-unit in my car for a while. Works great. Swapped it over to another car and the Tuner works and sounds great. When I put a CD in I hear it reading and it shows its playing but there is no sound. I then plugged in my iPod to Aux and again, no sound.
      Any ideas?
    • By DTO
      Hi everyone,
      I have an issue with my system that I'm trying to troubleshoot. I suspect that the technician at my shop either is not good at troubleshooting or is trying to avoid a lengthy repair.
      My system originally consisted of an upgraded head unit, 4-channel amp, and new speakers. After a month I added a sub, mono amp, and 2 farad cap (cap has a volt meter but no remote lead). Each amp and the cap has it's own ground. +12 volts appears to go as follows:
      * from the battery
      * through a 100-amp fuse (not blown)
      * to the 4-channel amp
      * to the cap
      * to the mono amp
      Recently I've had both amps cut off intermittently (with increasing frequency); when they cut off the display on the cap goes blank. At first I suspected a bad cap, but (with the way it's wired) that does not seem likely. The technician noted my battery was bad and did not check any further. I replaced the battery and the problem persists. I also verified that the alternator is working well.
      When the amps are running they sound great. The head unit (Kenwood 6960) works fine. The car runs perfectly. The car is a 2006 Odyssey. The 4-channel amp (XR4S) is under the left second-row seat and the mono amp (XR1S) and cap are under the right second-row seat.
      It seems that, as the amplifiers do not turn on at all, I have a problem with either the power (+12 volts) or remote wiring. The fact that the cap display is off seems to indicate that power is being interrupted. And, the fact that neither amplifier comes on seems to indicate that the problem is somewhere between the battery and 4-channel amp.
      Since I've had this system for a while and this problem started recently, it seems that the installer screwed up somehow and a break in the power cable developed. I'm thinking I should ask the shop to rewire the power cables (to correct the supply interruption and to fix the cap wiring) but wanted to make sure I thought this issue through carefully before I start making demands.
      Does anyone have suggestions on what else could be wrong besides the power connections?
    • By eschim1
      After disconnecting and reconnecting by battery (power flicked on and off as I tightened the bolt reconnecting) no sound came from the speakers. Tested head unit and it works perfectly. Also I tested the speakers by bypassing vehicle wiring and found out they work. I know the each speaker has its own amp and everything is stock except my pioneer head unit. Please help. I'm no electrical genius so please speak in english.