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Has anyone built an enclosure for an Infiniti G37?

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So I'm picking up a G37 Coupe in the spring and I'm having trouble arranging the stereo setup.

Everything I've found on the g37 boards (myg37, 6mt, etc) has people purchasing the prefab custom g37 boxes from ebay. They are the 4080 (a sealed 12 in the corner of trunk with 1 cube) or ZEnclosure (a sealed dual 10" in the back of trunk with 1 cube). I found almost nobody that built a neat fitting custom enclosure for the vehicle. Ideally I'd like to do a single 12" ported, but the trunk seems to be brutally small so I'm not sure how do-able this is. I was looking at something like an Fi Q. Sorry for the rant, just wanted to see if anyone has done anything different.

Subwoofers: 12" Soundsplinter RL-p

Amp: Hertz EP1D

Enclosure: 2 Cubes @ 32hz

Refs: dropped_mazda, muffinman944, KCha, pioneerpimp, Looney_Tune, Ion SQL, IamMurph, stevexyz, dsmw, waccord99, snb778s

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goto the supporting vendor section and get ahold of @double07 ; he runs starr mountain sounds


or check out dc creations in the vendor section


both guys build top notch boxes and ship all over the country


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It's not gonna feasibly be done unless you are able to assemble some of the box inside the trunk. Meaning you will have to disassemble it, to remove it from the trunk as well.

Headunit - Stock cassette player - Pioneer P9400

Front Stage - Pyle 8 inch subs (1000 watt peak!!) - Polk DB6.5 (about to be CDT 6.5s)

Rear stage - Deleted (stolen) - Deleted

Sub stage - custom built 15 inch sony xplod (5k watt peak!!!) (huge box) - Two SA12's built by Corey

Sub amp - Pyle 8000w peak!! (spl edition) - AQ2200

Electircal - 35 amp alt from ford festiva upgrade, stolen battery, 28 gauge solder coil for my cable - Dual D34 Yellows, 1/0 trystar OFC, 135amp alt


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