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Focal IS 165 & 2012 Honda Civic EX Coupe Fitment Problem

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Hi All,


I am looking to upgrade my factory speakers on my Civic EX Coupe. The factory size for both front and back is 6.5". I want to replace them with Focal IS 165s but Crutchfield says it's not a good fit; something to do with how they classify them as technically 6 3/4 (when Focal classifies them as 6.5). I am totally confused.


I have two questions:


1) Does anyone have any experience with these and/or do you think I could manage this mod without too much hassle?


2) Crutchfield does have some 5 1/4 Focals that will fit in my car but am I sacrificing too much if I go with 5 1/4s? I am mostly interested in sound quality, not booming bass, and I won't have these connected to a sub, only an amp to drive them. I mean, I suppose I could get some Polk or JL Audio, but I really like the reviews of Focals.


What do y'all think?

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if its only a 1/4" off why not just make mounting plates for them

2001 Honda Civic EX

power acoustik 8" over sized touch screen

doors Stock

1- Atmos Audio 18

1- Audiopipe 1000d mini @2 ohms

Electrical stock for now


"]My old System

http://www.myspace.com/sykodjthereal"]If you Need Beats click this


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