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Big old monoblocks for sale OBO

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Item(s) for Sale:US Amps MD3D and SS Pic1.1700D





Item(s) Description/Condition:

They're both used with minor scratches from obvious wear and tear. Nothing major really, but not in mint conditions either. If you really want details of certain parts of the amps, just ask and i'll provide more pics.


MD3D specs:

WoofersEtc.com - MD-3D - US Amps 1 Ch MD Series Amplifier


SS specs:

Monoblock Picasso Series Amplifier

RMS Power Rating:


425 Watts x 1 Channels @ 4 Ohms

850 Watts x 1 Channels @ 2 Ohms

1700 Watts x 1 Channel @ 1 Ohm

Fully regulated, MOSFET power supply

PWM circuitry

High quality FR-4 circuit board

Satellite Power Gain (remote gain control)

Continuously variable 24dB low-pass crossover (50Hz to 150Hz)

Continuously variable 24dB subsonic filter (50Hz to 150Hz)

Variable 0 – 18dB subwoofer equalizer @ 40Hz

Continuously variable phase alignment (0°- 180°)

Tri-guard amplifier protection

Intelligent Distress indicator (IDI)

Platinum RCA input and output

Platinum 1/0 gauge power inputs

1-ohm stable

5Hz – 250Hz frequency response

>80dB S/N ratio


Couldn't find a website with the info on this amp as it is relatively old. This amp is a factory REFURB



For the US i'm looking for 350shipped


For the SS i'm asking 225shipped


Feel free to throw me offers. Throw me some lowballs if you want to, I'll just say no if it's too low. Not really looking for trades right now, but feel free to throw them up. Maybe a nice navi unit or a beefy sub. I'll consider almost anything


Local pickups welcome


Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information:


Shipping will be my choice and will include insurance and tracking.



Item Pictures:

No comments on my crappy setup please :)








(List pictures in this section, 1st picture should be your username/date if you have less than 10 positive feedbacks with the i-Trader system or less than 10 references that you have sold to in the past. (These must be listed in your signature, or a link provided to a feedback thread listing these references)).

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just remember to test my **** before you buy, remember what happened last time lol


I also have 2 JL 12w6v2d4 for sale that would be perfect with one of these amps




I'll cut a deal if someone buy subs and an amp :D

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nice amps.wish you woulda had em up this morning..glws

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4 Deka Intimidator's in back.C&D 77ah up front.

Lotta 1/0 welding wire


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how he eff can a amp with only 90 amps of fusing put out 2k watts rms...?


efficiency man...

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HU- Kenwood eXcelon KDC-X994

Fronts- Crescendo MP6 mids, Vifa Ring Radiator tweets on Arc KS300.4

Subs- Single SA-10 on Mmats 2000.1 @ 1ohm

Misc- 1/0 CCA from AT, Big 3 in Stinger HPM, and AT 60 mil deadener

Bought from: Inferno333, select127, treesive, Kangaroux, DonH

Sold to: coolest user, Psychodrama, MidgetClown, mr.tigger, av83

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how he eff can a amp with only 90 amps of fusing put out 2k watts rms...?


90x14=1296... so unless its 160% efficient i don't see how it can produce 2000 watts

Not 90amps, the site is wrong. There are 3 40amps fuses on the outside n 3 more internally, so that's 240amps total :D

Hmmmm... interesting.


OP you got gut pics of the SS?


I'll get them up today after work

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I had the 1400w version of the Picasso and it stayed on all the time, does this one do that? It was a solid amp but the green light was always on


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sorry man but ford will always be a ford. ford is the sony xplod of cars and trucks. you had bad experiences with chevy because your a ford guy. its what seperates the men from the boys. friend billy use to drive a ford. he drives a chevy now. they call him billy no more. hes known as bill now..

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