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10" Kicker Comp VX 10 vs ARC Audio 10D2 winner is....

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I have a 2011 Jeep Cherokee and I am currently running a Sundown D1000 amp. I was wondering which of the above mentioned subs would be better. I plan at running it at 1ohm and getting about 900watts to the sub. It will be in a ported box, and I listen to all types of music. I'm looking for maximum amount of bass with a balance of SQ. Any other sub suggestions, with reasoning also, would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.



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    • By aaron7114
      Like the title says I'm looking to buy one 08 dual 4 ohm 15" kicker L7 to replace one of mine that has locked up on me. Let me know shipped price to Arkansas. Thanks
    • By fontanaaa
      So I just got a jl audio 12w6v2 sub for my truck and I am having trouble deciding on the right amp. I've been looking at 3 main options but I am open for any suggestions.
      Option 1: PIONEER GM-D8400M
      PIONEER GM-D8400M 1200 WATT MONO CAR AMPLIFIER AMP - eBay (item 390221734181 end time Aug-02-10 06:55:53 PDT)
      Option 2: KICKER 08 ZX750.1 750W
      KICKER 08 ZX750.1 750W CLASS D AMP MONOBLOCK AMPLIFIER: eBay Motors (item 400132733992 end time Jul-29-10 20:54:35 PDT)
      Option 3: JL 500/1
      500/1 JL AUDIO 1 CH SUB AMP MONO 500 WATT AMPLIFIER NEW - eBay (item 120596922041 end time Aug-15-10 17:50:58 PDT)
      I would be buying the 500/1 used because its out of my price range so what do you think?
    • By TenguC
      Recently I bought a pair of Polk Audio DXI 460P Speakers for my doors and a pair of Kenwood KFC-6993PS speakers for my back. The door speakers can handle 50 Watts RMS and the back speakers can handle 120 Watts RMS. I am looking for an Amplifier to power them.
      I have come up with a few different Amps that I am considering.
      1. (My first choice) An MB Quart Discus amp that is going for 83.47 on Amazon.
      Amazon.com: MB Quart Discus DSC450 200 Watt A/B Class 4-Channel…
      I have heard MB Quart makes good Amplifiers and this seems to suit my needs, but I have also heard some bad things about Mb Quart as well.
      2. A Refurbished Rockford Fosgate R300-4 that is going for 114.95. It can produce 50 watts RMS to four channels at 4 ohms.
      Amazon.com: Rockford Fosgate Prime R300-4 300 Watt Multi Channel Amplifier: Electronics
      3. A Kicker 08ZX200.4 amp for 99.99 with free shipping on Crutchfield. It can only produce 35 watts RMS.
      Kicker 08ZX200.4 4-channel car amplifier — 35 watts RMS x 4 at Crutchfield.com
      4. (My absolute last choice due to price.) An Alpine MRP-F300. It can do 50 watts to all four channels but will also cost me the most money.
      Amazon.com: Alpine MRP-F300 - Amplifier - V-Power - 4-channel: Automotive
      I am almost broke from this audio adventure and the Amp is the last thing I am buying for now. Out of those can you please tell me which is the best and worth the money?
    • By maxmar04
      Hey I'm trying to delcie between 2 2" kicker l7's or 2 12" fi ssd12. I'm mainly looking looking for SPL but i would like to try to get some SQ. Also they will b going in a ported box. Plz don't try and Recommend another sub I hate it when ppl do that it just confuses me more.
    • By woody2193
      Alright guys so currently i have 2 10 inch sony xplods and they actually do sound ok and are fairly loud. (i didnt have much money at the time i bought them and they are louder than my friends 2 type r 12s) I have them hooked up to a lanzar vibe 268 which is supposedly 1000 watts rms. (i know it actually doesnt do this.)
      I'm looking to upgrade these subs with 2 12s due to the extra room i have in my trunk. I want to stay cheap but i do have a job now so i can actually spend a little more. The ideal subs would be between 300-500 rms.
      currently i have the re audio sr12d4 and the kicker cvr12 in mind. Which of these subs would u go with with my amp? I have researched the re audio but i cant really find many reviews for it and im not an expert on subs. I'm also open to other suggestions for some subs around this price range. I'm looking for something that pounds but also sounds good while doing so.
      I would also like to replace my battery with a car audio battery. The car is a 1999 eclipse gs-t if that narrows down sizes at all ( cant measure the battery cause its storming right now). Any suggestions for the battery?